What if being grouchy pointed me in a better direction?

Over the past month or so there have been moments I’ve felt really grouchy and edgy. Instead of being with it, I resisted it.  I didn’t want to feel grouchy!  I told myself “What’s wrong with you? You’re not being as pleasant as usual. Smile!” I wasn’t showing up how I wanted to and I was disappointed and annoyed at myself.  Have you ever felt like that? Where you see it happening and you resist and it persists?
I’ve heard the saying (or something like it) that a “complaint is just an unexpressed desire” and I believe it!  I just don’t remember it consistently in the moments I need it most.
What if the better question was “what do I need right now?”  When I rephrased it that way it created space for me to be imperfect and think about what I actually needed.  Turned out I needed sleep and I needed space to recharge and rest from so much doing.  I’d been living in the world of details (kid logistics, end of school year events, summer camp health forms, work, etc),  and too much activity.  Many of these activities were wonderful and I was excited about them but the pace was too fast, the spacing was too close together and I became depleted…and grouchy.  Thank goodness a well-timed vacation saved the day and I felt renewed.  I slept more.  Relaxed.  Spent time outdoors. Enjoyed being with family and reading books.  Took a break from email and technology. Now,  I want to incorporate some of that into daily life so I can renew myself on a more regular basis vs. waiting until I’m depleted or grouchy.
What if instead of criticizing our own bad moods we saw grouchiness as a signpost pointing us toward what we needed?  Allowing myself to just be and let go of the story that I should be in a different state had a magical effect on me. It felt like I finally had the key to a previously locked doorway which led me to a place where I could give myself what I needed.
What if we asked ourselves “What do I need right now? Today? In this moment?”

4 thoughts on “What if being grouchy pointed me in a better direction?

  1. Great insights, Amy. We all need to step back and look at what we need and do something about it. Im also trying to do that! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Mom

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  2. Amen to this blog!!! I find it very difficult to ‘allow’ myself downtime even on the weekends. I, too, have been trying to be mindful to carve out time to do what I ‘want’ to do and not just what I ‘need’ to do! Thanks for the timely and helpful blog!
    My best,

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  3. Love the theme of taking care of yourself / meeting your needs which will help you take care of the people inlife you want to care for. A great lesson!

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